This is the homepage of Ashkaztra the Archiwitch, which is the nonsensical online identity I have made for myself. I’m a Norwegian woman in my late thirties and a veteran of so many online exoduses I felt it was about time I made myself a permanent home on the internet.

The title of the page is a silly joke on several levels. I’m very much a maximalist who loves my clutter and small spaces, and bol is Norwegian for nest, bolet being the definite form. Bokorm is how you say book worm in Norwegian, which is probably pretty similar, but orm in Norwegian almost always refers to a snake. Which lives in nests when they hibernate. Ormebol. Thus, the title is something like “nest of the book worm (which is actually a snake)”. I don’t know. I like books. And snakes.

I mainly made this blog to have a hub for myself and my stuff. Probably won’t use it too much for exclusive content, but it’s nice to have my own space under my own control.

I might post some cat pictures or something. I have an excellent cat.